The Education Committee of the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking exists to engage students and educators throughout the state by providing practical resources and support in awareness efforts. 

Our committee desires to inspire an abolitionist movement within our classrooms and schools. 

We believe that education is one of the most effective tools in the prevention of Human Trafficking as students and educators learn and understand the risk factors and warning signs.

Please join our efforts by uniting under the #njstudentsforfreedom on twitter and help us build a community of abolitionists. 

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We are pleased to announce the 2018 NJCAHT Scholarship Award. The Coalition will award several $500 scholarship awards to current high school seniors attending a college, university, or technical school in Fall 2018, as well as current college students.

Program Guidelines & Priorities:

  • Seeking graduating seniors and current college students with a strong record of advocating for human rights, and standing against human trafficking.
  • 800-1000 Word Essay – How has your past experience helped you to understand human trafficking? How will you apply what you have learned as you moved forward in your collegiate career? How will your career goals contribute to the prevention and education surrounding human trafficking?
  • A letter of recommendation preferably from an educator or community leader familiar with the applicant’s experience in human rights and/or human trafficking advocacy and character.
  • Online application deadline is April 20, 2018 by 4:00 p.m. Late applications are not accepted. Applications will be reviewed and recipients selected by a committee consisting of Coalition members.
  • The scholarships will be awarded in May 2018.
  • If you have any questions please contact the Coalition at:

Education is prevention!

If you are interested in joining the Education Committee - which empowers students and educators to raise awareness and prevent human trafficking in our communities - please fill out the form below.  

Human Trafficking in America's Schools

"I had a feeling that my teacher knew something was wrong in my life. I would notice her looking at me...almost like she wanted to say something to me."  
Child sex trafficking survivor, 16 years old

US Department of Education, Office of Safe and Healthy Students, Human Trafficking in America's Schools, Washington D.C., 2015 

Awareness in Elementary Schools

We have materials and resources (see below) aimed at Middle School and High School.

For Elementary School we have a program produced by one of our member organizations based around a multi-lingual coloring book, and easy to follow song - all about staying SAFE.

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Listen a sample of the song here: 


Education Committee Resources: