#HT Challenge - Super Bowl Awareness

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The #HTChallenge is a social media campaign to spread the message of abolishing modern day slavery. A social media campaign is an organized strategic plan utilized to accomplish a social marketing goal or objective through the use of social networks, blogs, and other interactive media.

  • Raise awareness

  • Give resources. Provide ways to get involved (organizations and events.)

  • Encourage everybody to post, re-tweet, etc.

Graphics are to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email, blogs, websites, etc. The graphics contain a startling or informative quote or statistic with the hashtag: #HalftimeChallenge and/or #HTchallenge. Focus will be on slavery in USA. Images have an athletic look, similar to the NFL.
The website www.HTchallenge.net provides information and statistics, links to organizations, and resources. Partner organizations are invited to widely share the images and information and to encourage their members to re-tweet and repost. Please encourage your organization to sign on as a partner.
Super Bowl 52 is a few weeks away. Initial posting to create interest begins this week. This is not a protest. It is to stimulate discussion. There will be no negative talk about the NFL - just communicate facts, statistics, etc. using the Super Bowl as a platform to generate awareness of the issue of trafficking.
Sample quotes include:
“If you think slavery ended in the United States in 1865, think again.”
“The average of age of entry into prostitution in the US is 12-14 years old.” (US Dept of Justice)
“Lots of beer and wings will be sold this weekend. So will lots of girls. Let’s end this.”
“The Super Bowl is the single largest trafficking incident in the US.” (Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott)

  • Plan party/event for Super Bowl Sunday or if going to an event, contact the host and ask for 5 minutes at halftime.

  • Download and send #HTchallenge graphics to groups you’re involved with (organizations, churches & temples, businesses, social media groups, and other networks) and encourage them to spread it to their networks and contacts. Post graphics taken from the HTChallenge website on your social media and be sure to include the hashtags in YOUR post caption: #HTchallenge #HalftimeChallenge AND #SB52 or #SBLII (adding #SB52 puts our message into that comment stream).

  • Post, tweet, comment with increasing frequency as Super Bowl Sunday approaches.

  • Super Bowl Sunday: At halftime, give a 5-10 minute talk providing statistics, information, how you can help, hotline #, pray, leave time for questions, give resource list and websites, POST ALL AT THE SAME TIME – have everyone take out their phones and tweet/post simultaneously during the half-time show using #HalftimeChallenge or #HTChallenge AND #SBLII or #SuperBowl52.

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