The Coalition is entirely volunteer run and does most of its program work at the committee level. 

Examples of the many awareness programs we run include: Speakers Bureau - sending volunteers to speak at schools/community organizations and elsewhere; SOAP Outreach to hotels & motels; Educations Symposiums for students and teachers; Trauma training for healthcare workers. 

Whatever your interest area, we hope you will consider getting involved by joining a committee.

The following committees welcome dedicated volunteers - click on those highlighted for more information about getting involved: 

If a committee is not highlighted, please check back soon, or contact our Volunteer Office Manager at INFO@NJHUMANTRAFFICKING.ORG

Voting members of the Coalition are members of our Steering Committee. To become involved with the Steering Committee please start by getting involved with our other committees.

Also consider attending our Annual Meeting at Kean University on Thursday, June 14, 2018.