Request a Speaker

The Coalition has a team of volunteer speakers and presenters around the state who donate their time to give awareness talks. 

The Speakers Bureau team includes professional experts such as educators, law enforcement and healthcare professionals, along with general experts. Their presentations can range from a slideshow presentation to a group discussion, depending on what you think will work best for your group. You can also request a display of informational material. 

Our Speakers Bureau team looks forward to booking a speaker for YOUR next community event. 

Please use the form below to let them know about your group, and the type of awareness talk that would be most appropriate. 

We can also arrange for a survivor to speak. Honorariums are required for survivor speakers. Please see the special booking form lower on this page.

Make your event public and be listed on our website

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If you request a speaker for an event which is free and open to the public, and you have joined as an affiliated organization with the requirement to co-brand your event flyer, we can publicize your event. Please contact our office for more information.


Our Speakers Bureau volunteers donate* their time to educate community groups, and the NJCAHT provides free materials, in order that all groups can be empowered with essential information about the issue of human trafficking. If community groups would like to make a donation towards our work, speakers gratefully accept honoraria on behalf of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking. These can be given directly to speakers (checks made payable to NJCAHT), mailed to our registered address, or may be paid via credit card below:

*Survivor speakers MUST be given an honorarium.


If an organization is interested in requesting a survivor for their event (recommended for groups which have already had a basic training in human trafficking) please use the form below, which details the conditions for making a booking (includes required honorarium payment information).

Service Provider Speakers

Affiliated service providers such as DREAM FREE (Statewide Human Trafficking Service Provider run by AVANZAR) can often provide a speaker for your events, but also require the payment of a small honorarium. Please contact for more information.

TESTIMONIAL FROM SPEAKER: "Joining the Speakers Bureau is both a fun and rewarding experience. We educate communities and professionals about human trafficking and call them into action to help save lives." Ingrid Johnson, Healthcare Professional, mother of a survivor.

TESTIMONIAL FROM COMMUNITY GROUP: "We are so grateful for your outstanding presentation on this vital subject. You gave a compelling overview of the issues and the work being done by your organization, as well as giving us some action items that we can take. Thank you!" Ridgewood AM Rotary Club