The Coalition partners with SOAP (Save Our Adolescents From Prostitution) to organize outreaches to hotels and motels to help stop child sex trafficking taking place behind closed doors. Greater awareness by law enforcement about the commercial sexual exploitation of children has made it harder for pimps and other traffickers to commit their crimes in plain sight, and so now more than ever they use the internet to sell children for sex, and use hotels and motels as private places in which to do this. Our outreaches help the managers and staff at hotels and motels become aware of how criminals operate, and we share with them posters of local missing kids, in the hopes that they might recognize any of them, along with the “red flags” that can indicate that child sex trafficking could be taking place on their properties, so that they can alert law enforcement. Making hotels and motels aware of these signs is a crucial piece in the fight against modern day slavery.

See EVENTS to register for the May 21st, 2017 SOAP Outreach